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Dubai employment visa

Dubai employment visa

You will need a valid Dubai employment visa if you want to work and live in Dubai, UAE. Getting a Dubai employment visa is straightforward, especially if you understand the work visa procedure. You can consult Dubai Visa and Investment Centre to handle your Dubai employment visa.

The UAE has a diverse and vibrant expatriate population. About 80% of the overall population in the UAE are foreign expatriates. The UAE is one of the most preferred employment destinations, as the UAE government has played a vital role in implementing favourable employment and visa-related legislation.

The Dubai employment visa process is similar to that of the other emirates in the UAE. This visa is available for qualified and skilled professionals in institutions, companies, business enterprises and organisations as engineers, technicians, senior executives, and technical experts.

Foreign nationals who want to pursue a job and live in the UAE must get a valid residency after the residency visa. The Ministry of Labour issues UAE employment work visas or labour cards.

In most cases, foreign nationals must have secured a job before entering the Emirates, so they will carry out the official work visa issuance formalities after entry into Dubai. The company hiring the employee will handle the visa process. The hiring company is legally required to bear the expenses of getting the employee's work visa.

The work visa issues may vary depending on the duration and category of the job. The visa application process requires some legal procedures and documentation.

A residence visa is necessary before a work visa in the UAE. A residence visa is valid for three years.

The following documents are mandatory for a residence and employment visa

  • Passport size photographs
  • Duly filled application form
  • Health certificate
  • Trade license of the business
  • Copy of legal company
  • Original and one copy passport of the employee
  • Entry visa from the Ministry of Labour

Steps for Dubai employment visa

The employer is responsible for the work visa process, including the associated fees. The following are the steps for a Dubai employment visa.

  • Get approval from the Ministry of Labour for hiring a foreign worker. The Ministry of Labour will examine your company's needs and issue approval if your company is authorised to hire foreign employees.
  • The Ministry of Labour will approve an entry permit valid for 30 days. This entry permit allows foreign nationals to arrive in Dubai for visa processing.
  • After the foreign employee arrives with the entry permit, they must apply for and get a Dubai employment visa within 60 days. However, the foreign employee must complete the visa application process within two weeks.
  • The employer will get a work permit for the employee within the above period. Our consultants can handle the procedure on any employer's behalf to allow them to focus on their business.
  • The employee will get an Emirates ID at the Emirate ID service centre after applying for it.
  • A medical exam is necessary for a Dubai work visa. The foreign employee must visit an authorised clinic or medical centre for the recommended tests. This medical exam is compulsory to ensure the person has no serious condition or contagious disease.
  • After completing the visa application formalities, including medicals, the employee can apply for a Dubai employment visa at the immigration department.
  • The Department of Naturalisation and Residency Dubai (DNRD) is responsible for visa stamping. The DNRD will check the employee's documents and application to determine their credibility before the visa approval.

The visa processing time varies, depending on different factors. A constant follow-up may be necessary to ensure a timely visa issuance. Generally, it takes about ten working days to complete the visa process.

The UAE employment visa has a two-year validity, but the exact validity may differ depending on the sponsor, from 1 – 3 years.

Any individual aged 18 and above can apply for a Dubai employment visa. You can contact us to handle your Dubai employment visa application.

Dubai Visa and Investment Centre offers tailored visa application services to meet your needs. Call us today on 971544563095 for more information on our Dubai employment visa services.