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Dubai golden visa

Dubai golden visa


The Dubai Golden Visa is a long-term residency visa by property investment offered by the UAE government since 2019. It's designed for people like scientists, investors, exceptional talents, qualified professionals and entrepreneurs. With the Golden Visa, you can live, study, and work in the UAE for up to ten years. This visa offers an incredible opportunity to foreigners who wish to make Dubai their home.

The previous requirement for this visa needed the investor to have AES 5 million to 10 million. But in 2022, the government had approved new conditions for the UAE golden visa by investment. The new rule reduced the investment amount without any restriction on how long to stay in other countries. This also provided the opportunity to buy off-plan properties and take a mortgage. The condition of the new 10-year golden visa is AED 2 million.

Are you all set to secure Golden Visa? Let our expert team at Dubai Visa and Investment Centre guides you through the entire visa application process. We assure to make your journey convenient from the application to approval process. Feel free to contact us today and take your initial step towards this golden opportunity!

Benefits of UAE golden visa

A Dubai, UAE golden visa offers the following benefits.

  • Long-Term Residency: The Golden Visa remains valid up to 10 years and provides long-term residency in the UAE. This will depend on the applicant’s qualifications and the category of the visa.
  • Family Inclusion: This visa usually extends to immediate family members which includes spouses and children. This lets the families to stay together and enjoy the lifestyle and opportunities UAE offers.
  • Work and Business Opportunities: Holders of this visa can work in the UAE without the requirement for a separate work permit. This can be very beneficial for the entrepreneurs, investors and professionals who want to tap into the flourishing business environment of the UAE.
  • Property Ownership: Owning property in the UAE is usually a requirement for getting your Golden Visa. This is a great choice for the ones who want to invest in real estate market in the UAE.
  • Education and Healthcare: Golden Visa holders and their families have the accessibility to the education and healthcare systems of the UAE. So, they will be able to enjoy the same kind of facilities like Emirati citizens.
  • Tax Benefits: The UAE is popular for favorable tax environment without any capital gains tax or personal income tax. This might be a significant benefit for high-net-worth individuals as well as entrepreneurs.
  • Stability and Security: The UAE is politically stable and safe which makes it an attractive destination for the individuals seeking a peaceful and secure environment for their families.
  • Path to Permanent Residency: This Visa may act in the form of pathway to get permanent residency by investment in Dubai, UAE. This can provide long-term stability for the individuals as well as the families.
  • Renewable Visa: This visa can be issued for a longer duration in comparison to standard residency visas and is usually renewable. This can lessen the hassle of renewing visas often.

Who can apply for a Dubai golden visa?


If you want to invest in the UAE, you may be eligible for a 10-year UAE golden visa when you meet the following conditions.

  • Should possess a letter from a UAE bank stating you have a fixed deposit of AEA 2 million held for at least two years.
  • Must have a valid industrial or commercial license and a memorandum of association showing you have a minimum fixed capital of AED 2 million and above.


  • Passport copy
  • Valid health insurance
  • Emirates ID and current visa

Real estate investor

If you have a property or group of properties, you may be eligible for a 10-year UAE golden visa, provided you meet the following conditions.

  • Own a fully paid property or properties in Dubai worth at least AED 2 million, or
  • Own a property or properties with a loan from specific local approved banks by the competent local entity.


  • Passport copy
  • Valid health insurance
  • Emirate ID copy and current visa
  • NOC from the bank or a loan agreement with a specifically approved bank
  • Title deed confirming the property or properties are worth at least AED 2 million

Executive directors

If you are a C-level executive in the UAE, you may be eligible for a 10-year UAE golden visa, subject to meeting the following conditions.

  • A letter of experience with at least five years of holding the same managerial position in the same company.
  • High university degree accredited by the Ministry of Education.
  • A salary certificate with a salary of at least AED 30,000 monthly.


  • Valid labour contract
  • UAE attested bachelor’s degree
  • Salary certificate
  • Last six months bank statement
  • A minimum salary of AED 30,000
  • Current visa and Emirate ID copy
  • NOC from the company, including current salary, employment period and position
  • Passport copy

Outstanding specialised talents

This category includes inventors, scientists, doctors, outstanding students, frontline heroes, pioneers of humanitarian work, creative people in the art and culture field, and athletes. A recommendation letter issued by the respective field is necessary to apply for the 10-year UAE golden visa for people in the category.

Cost for Dubai golden visa through investment

Investors can purchase properties in the freezone areas with at least an investment of AED 2 million. This requirement doesn’t depend on family size. The investor can take a mortgage in a UAE bank with a 50% down payment.

The table below shows the cost breakdown for a Dubai golden visa.



Real estate purchase

AED 2 million

Registration fee

AES 160,000

State feed for ID cards and visa issuance

AED 3,860 per person

Medical check-up

AED 800 per person

Health insurance

AED 800 per person

Consular legislation, document translation and notarisation

AED 3600 per person

Procedure for Dubai golden visa by investment

  • Preliminary due diligence

Immigrant Invest will conduct a preliminary check to prepare for the program’s primary due diligence. The initial check identifies any issues that may affect your chances of getting the visa. This check is confidential.

A Certified Anti-Money Laundering Officer, knowledgeable about UAE due diligence, will verify the investor’s documents.

  • Document preparation and getting a 6-month visa

Our consultants at Dubai Visa and Investment Centre will provide a list of documents for the application. You will submit the original documents for translation, notarisation and consular legislation.

You will get a 6-month visa to check for properties to buy, undergo a medical check-up and apply for the Dubai golden visa.

  • Real estate purchase

You can also buy a property from outside the UAE. Our real estate professionals will offer you different options, and you can conclude on the property purchase, sale agreement and ownership registration.

  • Medical check-up

The investor and family above 18 will undergo a medical check-up in an approved UAE clinic. The check-up involves tests for infectious diseases, then fluorography to get a medical certificate.

  • Due diligence and UAE visa issuance

The investor and their family members can come to the UAE for the visa application and biometrics at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs. The application consideration usually takes 5 – 7 days. If additional documents or answers are needed, the investor must provide them within 30 days.

The investor and their families can get their visas if the application is approved.

Our visa consultants will guide you throughout the process for your Dubai golden visa. You can call Dubai Visa and Investment Centre on 971544563095 for more information on the Dubai golden visa.


Different options are available to get a UAE residence visa. The most convenient is buying real estate in the country worth at least AED 2 million to get a 10-year visa.

Investors can buy properties in the freezones. These are areas in the UAE where foreigners can own real estate.

Buying a property in the UAE can get a residency visa of two or ten years.

The UAE golden visa is a residency visa for professionals, scientists, entrepreneurs, frontline heroes and exceptional talents.

An investor can buy a property or properties worth AED 2 million to get a Dubai golden visa. Additional costs apply, such as health insurance, taxes and fees for legal services.

Investors above 18 years with legal income, no infectious disease and a criminal record can get the UAE golden visa. Unmarried sons under 25 years, unmarried daughters of any age, and spouses of the investors can be included in the application.

The golden visa in UAE allows talented foreign nationals to reside in the UAE, conduct business and enjoy other benefits the visa provides.

The golden visa in the UAE allows investors to visit, live and work there. The investors may also get UAE citizenship by exceptional merit.

It usually takes about two months to get a UAE residency visa. The investor will buy real estate, undergo a mandatory medical check-up and due diligence for the application approval to get a visa.

Yes, it can. If an investor resides in the UAE for 30 years, they can apply for citizenship by naturalisation. It may also be possible to get UAE citizenship by exceptional merit.