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E-commerce license

E-commerce license

More people are demanding e-commerce licenses in Dubai due to the convenience online shopping offers. This has made traders, business owners, and entrepreneurs consider starting an E-commerce business in Dubai. An e-commerce trade license is necessary to start and run an online business in Dubai.

Investors in the UAE can access several benefits like complete profit repatriation, easy availability of resources, and tax exemptions that make the country ideal for setting up a digital business.

The assistance from Dubai Visa and Investment Centre will make setting up your business and getting an e-commerce license easy. Our consultants will ensure you meet the required business requirements.

E-commerce, also called internet commerce or electronic commerce, covers business activities involving buying and selling services and goods through an online platform. The monetary transactions are also online. These e-commerce activities are under the e-commerce license in Dubai.

Different e-commerce businesses are available. They include:

  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Customer to Consumer (C2C)
  • Business to Consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer to Business (C2B)
  • Direct to Consumer (D2C)

Our consultants are available if you need guidance on starting an e-commerce business in Dubai.

Process for an e-commerce

Obtaining an e-commerce license in Dubai is essential when starting an online business. However, setting up the process and running the online business may be complex and confusing. Before you can sell products or services on your website, ensure you understand the steps need to get an e-commerce license in Dubai.

These steps are necessary for an e-commerce license in Dubai.

  • Select an economic jurisdiction
  • Decide the legal structure
  • Register the company trade name
  • Submit the e-commerce license application
  • Apply for the initial certificate approval
  • Draft the local service agent agreement and MOA
  • Rent an office space
  • Collect the e-commerce license from the Department of Economic Development
  • Open a corporate bank account

Cost of e-commerce license in Dubai freezone

The cost of an e-commerce license in Dubai varies depending on if you choose a professional or trading activity. The basic amount you will pay for an e-commerce license in a freezone starts from AED 12,500.

The following factors determine the cost of setting up your online business with an e-commerce license.

  • Visa costs
  • License fee
  • Visa costs
  • Local partnership cost
  • Immigration card cost

If you are a foreigner, you do not understand the business setup procedure in Dubai and other parts of the UAE, so you need a professional to help. The E-commerce license cost is about AED 8,050 – AED 15,000.

Cost of e-commerce license in Dubai mainland

If the process for an e-commerce trade license is overwhelming, you can have our consultants assist you. They will get your e-commerce license, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

A Dubai mainland E-commerce license starts at AED 15,000. We offer the following services for an e-commerce license on the mainland.

  • Local services agent
  • E-commerce license
  • Eligibility for an investor visa
  • Eligibility for employee visas
  • Included free company stamp
  • Included free VAT consultation
  • Corporate bank account opening assistance
  • Free virtual Dubai office

Cost of e-commerce license in Sharjah freezone

Sharjah freezone also provides an e-commerce trade license. The Sharjah freezone e-commerce trade license is more affordable than the e-commerce license in the Dubai Mainland. Our consultants can assist you to get the e-commerce license in the Sharjah freezone.

The e-commerce license in Sharjah freezone cost as low as AED 8,050. This license offers the following benefits.

  • Corporate bank account assistance
  • Included free company stamp
  • Free Dubai office address
  • Included free P.O. Box
  • 100% business ownership
  • Complete business documentation

The following freezones have an e-commerce license activity.

  • Ajman freezone
  • Ajman Media City Freezone
  • IFZA
  • DTEC
  • Commercity
  • Fujairah Creativity City

Documents for e-commerce license Dubai

The Department of Economic Development in Dubai requires some documents for regulatory purposes. These are mandatory documents for an e-commerce trade license in Dubai. You may also need more documents depending on the business activity you want to undertake.

The following are documents the DED need for an e-commerce trade license in Dubai.

  • The shareholders’ passport copies
  • The shareholders’ visa copies
  • Copies of the sponsor’s Emirates ID
  • Drafts of an MOA (Memorandum of Association)
  • No objection certificate from the relevant authority
  • Civil works agreement or local service agreement

Types of e-commerce license in UAE

The e-commerce sector has seen exponential growth since its inception. This created a wide range of business activities that fall under e-commerce to have a wide range of sections. To ensure regulation of these businesses, the government has introduced three types of business trade licenses.

The following are the three types of e-commerce business trade licenses.

  • E-trader license

    The e-trader license is for businesses that want to sell their services or products online. This license is only available to GCC and UAE nationals residing in Dubai. You cannot have a physical office or shop space with an e-trader license in Dubai.

  • Virtual company license

    The Dubai International Financial Centre and the Dubai Economy recently launched a virtual company license. This license allows foreigners to start their companies and conduct business activities in the UAE, even when they aren't physically present. However, the license only permits business activities in three sectors - advertising, designing, and programming.

  • Portal license

    The portal license is an e-commerce license in UAE available to expats and non-emirates. This license is for businesses that want to link sellers and buyers and conduct business activities. If you want to launch a website that lists services, reservations, and products in the UAE, the portal license is the right option.

  • Freelance license in Dubai

    Several online services are under this license. If you want to sell your services in Dubai remotely, the freelance license allows you to do this. However, ensure the business activity you want to render is under the freelance permit in Dubai.

The following industries are under freelance license in Dubai.

  • Media
  • IT services
  • Education

However, you cannot perform certain business activities in these fields. For example, you cannot sell products related to these industries. These are business activities you can perform with a freelance license in Dubai.

  • Your services to registered companies
  • Your services to government agencies
  • Your services to private individuals
  • Send involved and receive payments

We can assist you with the license in Dubai to allow you to provide your services without worrying about legalities or registration if you want to perform business activities that the freelance license doesn't permit.

Online business license in Dubai

The e-commerce license in Dubai is also called the online business license. This is because the Dubai authorities support online businesses with the Dubai e-commerce license.

You can get virtual offices in Dubai if your business doesn’t need a physical office. The virtual offices became available in the Estidama program, also known as the Sustainability program.

Advantages of an e-commerce license in Dubai

The e-commerce licenses helped many businesses survive the pandemic. Although conducting business online has several benefits, such as a wider reach, increased customer base, and reduced cost, amongst others, there are other direct advantages of getting an e-commerce license from the UAE government.

These advantages include:

  • You can own 100% of the company – with the e-commerce license, you do not need to get a local sponsor to share your company’s ownership
  • You can easily open a bank account
  • You can register with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, which allows you to export and import goods easily
  • Register your business trade name
  • Promote your products in Dubai through different social medial platforms

E-commerce trade license in Dubai

The Dubai e-commerce trade license allows you to start an online business in Dubai online. Before the e-commerce trade license became available, all businesses in Dubai required a physical mode of operation.

They could conduct business activities online but needed a physical office to get a trade license and be officially recognised as a business. The e-commerce license only requires an online presence.

Your business activities can all be online if you have an e-commerce license. We can sell your products via your website or social media page. Payments for the products can also be online. You can sell both physical and digital goods online. You need to deliver the products and then accept cash on delivery for physical products.

How to access Payment Gateways for e-commerce businesses in Dubai

If you will receive payments online for products, register and open an online account with one of the Payment Gateways in Dubai. We recommend conducting research and selecting a Payment Gateway that is secure and reputable.

The Teir Internet Gateway Company in Dubai is an affordable option in the UAE. They are also secure and safeguard your customer’s information.

E-commerce sites and delivery services in Dubai

Marketplaces are a common option for selling goods in Dubai. The most popular online sites in the UAE to start an e-commerce business in Dubai include:

If you want to launch a platform, you need to deliver your products. You can outsource or run the delivery department yourself.

The popular delivery services in the UAE include:

These companies also handle international deliveries. They have user-friendly apps that give you information for tracking and managing your products.

Dubai Visa and Investment Centre can make your e-commerce license procedure stress-free. Our consultants will oversee your applications and ensure you get the license for your online business. Contact us today at 971 544563095 or visit us at Office No. 4108, 41st floor, Churchill Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for more information about our e-commerce license services.


An E-commerce license in Dubai for expats starts from AES12,500, but this is the cost on paper. Other expenses can sum up the cost to about AED 14,000. The exact cost of the e-commerce license will depend on you. Existing UAE residents can get an e-trader license at 1,070.

Yes, you do. You need a UAE e-commerce license to start an e-commerce business. This license is also known as the online business license.

Yes, you do. You need an e-commerce license to sell online in Dubai. The government issues the e-commerce or online business license to regulate online businesses in the country. The license helps companies enjoy several benefits of setting up a business in the UAE.

The e-commerce license in UAE allows you to conduct online business activities on a portal like Amazon or a portal. The activities include making transactions online, trading, or selling with the internet’s assistance.

Yes, you do. You need an e-commerce trade license to sell goods online in the UAE because selling is a business activity that requires a business trade license.

If you want to start selling goods online in the UAE, you need an e-commerce trade license from the Department of Economic Development or the freezone.

The cheapest UAE e-commerce license costs AED 5,750. We can help you set up your business in any economic area. We will handle your application procedures and approvals when you provide us with the necessary documentation.

You can follow the general steps below to get an e-commerce license.

  • Determine the type of service or product you want to sell online
  • If you will sell physical goods, check for storage and delivery solution to meet your business needs
  • Choose between registering with the Department of Economic Development or a freezone, depending on your business preferences and requirements
  • Open a corporate bank account in Dubai for easy business transactions
  • Choose a contract with an online payment gateway provider for secure transactions with customers
  • Start promoting your e-commerce via marketing channels to reach your target audience