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Real estate investment

Real estate investment


A real estate investment in the UAE can make you eligible for permanent residence, also called a property residence visa. It grants the property investor a residence permit of 3 or 5 years, and many receive a nomination for citizen status. The minimum investment is AED 750,000.

Foreign investors can buy commercial or residential property in any UAE freehold zone for at least AED 750,000. It will make them eligible for a real estate investor visa in Dubai. The approved properties include hotel rooms, warehouses, townhouses, apartments, offices, and service or residential apartments. Separate plots of land or disputed real estate are not eligible for this program.

Legally married spouses can have joint property ownership to apply for a 3-year residency permit. The investment can be at least AED 1 million. A mortgage is also eligible for the UAE permanent residency program, but the investor must make a 50% deposit.

Investors can reside, rent or resell investment property in the UAE for a return on investment in 3 or 5 years. The UAE real estate is highly profitable, showing a 40 – 44% growth. Yield from rental property can reach 8%.

You can buy UAE investment property remotely through Dubai Visa and Investment Centre. Our real estate professionals will help you choose freehold real estate in the Emirates to qualify for the property investor residence visa.

We can assist in reserving the property during your residency application processing and purchase it when your application is approved. If you want to resent the investment property in the future, we can arrange for this.

Who can purchase a property in the UAE?

Foreigner nationals can buy real estate in the UAE, but some areas have a form of ownership restriction. In certain areas, foreigners can only rent a property for a long time but can have full ownership in others.  

Dubai is a top destination in the UAE real estate market, giving investors a wide range of property options. Real estate sales statistics show that the property demand in Dubai is fast growing.

Cost of property in districts

The value of residential properties in Dubai has increased by 3.5% annually over the last ten years. While the prices decreased and increased from year to year, the annual price change ranges from a decrease of 12% to an increase of 17%.

According to the Dubai Land Department, the average residential property per 1m2 is $3,175. The housing cost depends on the area of Dubai. Downtown has the highest price per 1m2 of $6,865. The cost of other areas in Dubai include

  • Business Bay - $4,905
  • Dubai Creek Harbour - $5,145
  • Dubai Marina - $6,636
  • Palm Jumeirah - $6,857

Procedure for property purchase

You can purchase a property in Dubai in 4 – 6 weeks. The first step is choosing your preferred real estate, which can be in person or remotely. The parties involved will conclude on the sale and purchase agreement, which has the main points of the deal. The buyer will make an advanced payment of 10% of the total amount.

If an investor buys real estate in Dubai with a mortgage, a No Objection Certificate from the bank is needed, including a Certificate of Transfer and payroll from the developer. The buyer must make the balance payment.

The seller and buyer will register the transaction with the Dubai Land Department. The buyer will receive payment from the contract after registering the transfer of ownership.

Property purchase taxes

Investors buying residential properties in Dubai pay additional fees and transfer tax.

  • Transfer tax – 4%
  • Registration fee - $545 - $1090
  • Administration fee for tax payment - $147
  • Administration fee for a certificate of ownership registration - $68

Buyers pay an additional 5% VAT for commercial properties

Real estate purchase for golden visa

Foreigners with real estate investments can get UAE 5-year golden visa. Investors can buy commercial and residential real estate in freehold zones.

The minimum investment is AED 2 million. Investors can buy real estate with a mortgage from a UAE bank with at least a 50% down payment.

A 3-year resident visa is also available for real estate investors. The properties must be in the freehold zone and cost a minimum of AED 750,000. A legally married couple can buy a property in joint ownership of at least AED 1 million.

Our real estate experts can guide you during a real estate purchase and ensure you make the right choice and the purchase is stress-free. Call Dubai Visa and Investment Centre today on 971 544563095 to consult our real estate experts.