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Rent an office

Rent an office

Dubai Visa and Investment Centre has provided PRO services to businesses for several years. Our experience has helped us understand that every business has unique needs and requirements. We provide customisable office spaces, fully equipped with modern technology and equipment.

When renting an office in Dubai, we consider many factors like flexibility, convenience, working capital and location. We ensure our clients receive outstanding office rental services for the smooth running of their business.

You can inform us of your business requirements, and we will put in maximum effort to give you your desired office space after your data assessment.

Our office rental services in Dubai

Businesses in Dubai need a physical presence, like an office. If you want to rent an office in Dubai instead of buying the space, we can make the necessary arrangements and ensure you get approval from the appropriate authority.

Our business setup and rental service will ensure your office space meets the requirements. Our office rental service covers the following.

  • Our payment plans are affordable and flexible and provide cost-effective office space for rent in Dubai and other Emirates.
  • Prepare the necessary documents for signing the rent contract
  • Be a link between the client and the Department of Economic Development to ensure compliance and handle the formalities professionally
  • Ejari and tenancy agreement services
  • Cost-effective and responsible business centre facilitation in the UAE
  • Semi-furnished and fully-furnished offices with the necessary amenities
  • Futuristically designed offices equipped with modern technology
  • 100% guidance and assistance during the process
  • No hidden charges
  • Multipurpose rental service

Process for renting an office in Dubai

Meeting all the official formalities is necessary if a business owner wants to rent an office in Dubai. The business requires initial approval from the concerned authorities to state the renting procedure, which involves the following steps.

  • Pay the security amount for the office space – paying the security deposit makes the business perform the office booking before preparing the rent contract documents.
  • Arrange the rent contract document with a real estate representative
  • The parties involved in the rent contract can make any adjustments and negotiations concerning the terms and conditions before signing

Benefits of renting an office in Dubai

  • Location preference

    Renting an office helps you choose a favourable location. Display-based and product-oriented businesses need an attractive and favourable location to reach customers. A favourable location is a strategic area that customers can easily access. However, the cost of real estate in these strategic locations is high, especially if you want to buy the property.

    Renting or leasing the property is more affordable than buying it. This means renting the property is a more feasible option for start-ups. A strategic location also benefits your employees as the commute will be shorter and less stressful.

  • Save money and time.

    Getting a physical office space and setting up the necessary facilities like an internet connection, furniture, and phone can be expensive. You will invest a lot of money and time to install these basic amenities, but rented office space often has these facilities.

    With the rise in Dubai real estate prices, buying an office is a huge investment many new businesses cannot afford.

  • Renting is a flexible option.

    A growing business may need to move to a bigger office space with better amenities. You may also need to employ new staff during an expansion. Owning the office space may cause difficulties while moving to a new office, but renting can avoid these practical difficulties.

  • Ideal for new businesses

    Renting office space is ideal for start-ups, small enterprises, and SEMs. Fully-furnished and well-equipped office spaces provide a professional ambience which enhances your employees’ productivity.

Contact Dubai Visa and Investment Centre at Office No. 4108, 41st floor, Churchill Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates or 971 544563095 for more information on our rent-an-office services.