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Virtual office

Virtual office

Dubai is a renowned centre for innovation and established technology in the middle east. This has been reflected in the Dubai business community's changing trends, technological upgrades and innovation.

An example is the innovation of a virtual office in Dubai, UAE. Dubai Visa and Investment Centre offer virtual offices for entrepreneurs who do not require physical office space for their business activity.

A virtual office is a special requirement for certain businesses, and we can provide a virtual address for your business. Our virtual office service gives applicants a business address to get a trade license. The license holder can perform the business in a virtual address of their preferred location, including from their home.

We provide virtual offices in Dubai, which gives a corporate address in a well-established area. With our service, an entrepreneur can run a business while employees work remotely without paying for maintenance or renting equipment.

Benefits of getting our virtual office address in Dubai

A virtual office in Dubai offers several advantages besides cost benefits. Our virtual offices are usually in some of the well-known Dubai business centres. Choosing a virtual office in Dubai allows easy access to potential clients and business partners.

The following are a few benefits of a virtual office in Dubai.

  • Virtual offices help start-ups and entrepreneurs explore different markets and diversify their businesses without excess office-related expenses.
  • Virtual office addresses are ideal for remote location work requirements or for businesses that don't need a full-time, physical workspace.
  • Our virtual offices are available to suit each client's specific needs
  • Virtual offices do not require Ejari
  • A virtual office is ideal for freelancers and professionals who do not need a physical office.
  • The business receives landline services and mail-handling
  • Flexibility without compromising on the professional status of the business

Meeting room

Entrepreneurs can carry out business activities remotely but may experience practical difficulties conducting other essential, business-related activities. The activities include holding meetings with a client or conferences.

We provide professional meeting room services in these circumstances that require a fully equipped meeting room with an executive table. We can arrange a professional, well-maintained meeting room in different locations. We charge for meeting rooms in Dubai per hour. Several meeting room options are available in Dubai to suit your requirements and budget.

Benefits of our meeting room services

  • Equipped with modern amenities and all necessary features
  • Equipped for video-conferencing
  • Ideal for conducting layout customisations such as a product launch
  • Located in prime areas of Dubai
  • Ideal for conducting interviews and training employees
  • Feasible and practical solutions for events or conventions when you do not have the required resources
  • Professional meeting rooms that suit your needs and budget

Application process for Dubai virtual company license

The Dubai virtual company license process is straightforward. When you get the license, you can secure a virtual office. The following are steps for starting a Dubai virtual office.

  • Finalise your business activity.

    Choose your preferred sector to set up the business. Consider consulting an expert to discuss your business choice. Getting a virtual office will depend on your business activity.

  • Choose business name

    Choose and register a trade or business name with the authority. All your correspondence will be in the business name. Avoid using a religious, political or blasphemous name. You can't use abbreviations if you want to use your name for your business.

  • Submit virtual office license application.

    Fill out your virtual office license application correctly and submit it to the appropriate authority for the license. When you get your business license, check for virtual offices for rent and choose your preferred option. We have helped many businesses secure virtual offices.

Documents for virtual office setup in Dubai

You need the following documents to start a virtual office in Dubai.

  • Business plan
  • Registered business name
  • Copy of passport
  • Completed application

The applicant must meet these eligibility criteria

  • Be a citizen of one of the 101 UAE-approved countries
  • Establish the business in specified sectors
  • The business owner cannot be a UAE resident
  • Get a visa to live in the UAE as the virtual company license doesn't permit the business owner to the country.
  • The taxation rules in the entrepreneur's country of residence will apply
  • If the annual revenue is over $100,000, the company will be registered for VAT .5% of VAT
  • The business owner can open a virtual bank account, but the bank can decide to approve the bank account opening application

Why choose Dubai Visa and Investment Centre?

The following factors make us a preferred partner for virtual business setup in Dubai.

  • We have access to several global locations
  • We offer you an address
  • We have well-equipped conference halls, board rooms, a video conference facility and other important features.
  • We offer comprehensive on-site assistance
  • Access to a great community

If you need a virtual office in Dubai, call Dubai Visa and Investment Centre on 971 544563095 to speak with our consultant.